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Know Where Your Food Comes From

Crystal Spring Farm

Bring the whole family in for great times and great memories at Crystal Spring Farm. From the milk and ice cream to the groceries and deli products, we guarantee you the freshest food to give you a great experience. After your visit you will want to come back year after year!

We take special and personalized care in raising our herd of animals to give you the best possible products. Our staff is highly educated when it comes to raising and producing healthy and delicious products.
We offer unique services that you can trust.

Here’s What Makes Us


Our dairy farm is home to over 300 Holstein cattle. Scott the oldest son, breeds our heifers, delivers their babies, and takes care of all of their health needs, with the assistance of our veterinarian. Gary, the second oldest son, manages over 350 acres of crops that we use to feed our cattle. They both work together as a team every day to manage the daily operations of the farm which include feeding and milking our large dairy herd.

We are proud to be one of few dairy farms that not only raises cattle, grows our own feed, but also bottles our own milk products and packages our own ice cream. In 1975 we built our retail store to provide the public with our fresh dairy products. This was a large commitment for children so young, but our family stuck together to keep our family farm alive amidst difficult financial times.



  • Land O’ Lakes High Honor Roll Quality Milk Award three consecutive years; given to the producers of the highest quality of milk throughout the year.
  • Dairy of Distinction Award; given to outstanding dairy operations.
  • First Conservation Farmer of the Year Award; presented by Lehigh County Conservation District for outstanding accomplishments in conservation of soil, water and related services.
Here’s What You’ll Find

At Our Farm

Milk Fresh From Our Dairy Herd

While age may improve the taste of wine, freshness counts when it comes to milk. In some cases the milk that you purchase at our retail store may have come from our cows that very same morning – now that’s fresh! Consider the fact that milk is the first food to lose it’s flavor quality with age! We bottle and sell whole, reduced fat, low fat, and no-fat milk as well as flavored milk and half and half. Crystal Spring Farm milk is pasteurized, but not ultra-pasteurized, and many lactose intolerant customers tell us every day that they are able to enjoy drinking real milk and eating ice cream again! Many of our athlete customers swear by our chocolate milk as their training recovery beverage of choice. As a matter of fact, we often see them sitting down to a whole half gallon of chocolate milk in our restaurant seating area! It’s hard to keep our strawberry, vanilla, raspberry, orange and cherry milk in stock; it’s a favorite with kids and adults alike. Everyone looks forward to egg nog season which begins a few weeks before Thanksgiving and ends after Christmas. We make it again for three weeks during Easter. Grandpa has fine tuned our egg nog recipe over the years and it is sure to be a welcome addition to your holiday celebrations!

Our Own Homemade Ice Cream

For quality ice cream, we use only Crystal Spring Farm milk and cream. Most ice cream parlors make their ice cream using bought factory-made ice cream mixes with a long list of additives. They pour a mix into their machines, churn it up and freeze it. We take pride in offering you premium quality ice cream from our cows to your cone! We make our own ice cream mix using Grandpa Sell’s time-tested recipe. Grandpa still enjoys refining his recipes to offer you the best tasting ice cream possible. We use top quality vanilla and other flavorings, as well as fresh ingredients to make our premium ice cream. We are presently making 12,000 gallons of ice cream annually! We believe that you should be able to taste the cream in ice cream so we don’t cover up that flavor with a lot of extras in the form of candy and other artificial products. You can purchase our prepackaged ice cream in our retail store or enjoy a cone in our creamery. Why not do both?!

Our Own All Natural Beef Products

All of our steers are born and raised right here on our farm. This allows us to have the healthiest herd possible. They are fed an all natural diet to enhance the best beef flavor, tenderness, and lean meat. Absolutely no hormones are fed to them to stimulate their growth. We offer delicious tasting lean homegrown beef. Select your favorite steak, whether that is a T-bone, Delmonico, or Sirloin. Our ground beef patties are everyone’s favorite, no shrinkage and great taste in a flash. During winter months it is hard to keep our beef roasts in stock. Give all of beef products a try, you are sure to taste the difference.

Our Own Pies, Cakes, Breads, and Cupcakes

Were you lucky enough to have a Grandma who made the best apple pie or chocolate cake? Well take a step back in time and let your taste buds reminisce with one of our fresh baked apple tarts, custard or crumb pies, shoo fly or funny cake, or one of our other many breads and cakes! Can you believe we actually use fresh peeled apples and make our own fruit pie filling?! There are no cake mixes used here – we work to develop our own unique cakes and icings – from scratch! We continually develop new baked items as well as continue the tradition of all of the old fashioned desserts passed down from Grandma Sell.

Fresh Produce

We work year round with local produce farms to bring you the freshest produce available throughout the year. A big thanks to the following farms for keeping us well stocked throughout the year:

  • Timothy and Deborah Geiger – potatoes, cabbage, and other in season produce such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, pumpkins, and more.
  • Country View Farms – eggs
  • Gogle Farms – apples, peaches, and other in season fruits
  • Newhard Farms – The Corn Shed – sweet corn
  • Shantz Orchard – in-season fruits

*Remember when you buy fresh, buy local you are doing more that just buying food. You are supporting your community!!! We are a PA Preferred member (Pennsylvania farmers who process the items they create) and a Buy Fresh Buy Local Partner!


Our deli is a lot bigger than just the display case you see out front. We sell a large selection of the most popular lunchmeats and cheeses and we slice them the way you like. We also sell Peters Brothers products, Hatfield sausages, and Leidy’s grillers, as well as fresh pork chops from a local farmer and our own smoked sausage. Behind the scenes we are busy making a large variety of salads, including cucumber, carrot raisin, broccoli, and homemade tapioca and rice pudding, just to name a few! If you are in a hurry for dinner ask about our meals in minutes, such as salisbury steaks, chicken patties, meatballs and many more!

Why Drink

Our Milk

More than 120 milk cows daily provide award-Winning milk and cream sold in our retail store in the form of fluid milk and ice cream. Underground stainless steel lines bring the milk from our milking parlor to our processing plant, located directly behind the large cooler where the milk is pasteurized and homogenized or made into ice cream mix. Freshness counts – especially when the milk you buy today was in the cow this morning! You can taste the difference! Drink the freshest milk in town! Our products are all rBST free!

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Our History

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We are located 3/4 of a mile east of Neff’s Church on Route 329. You’ll pass under the Northeast Extension of the PA Turnpike and see our farm ahead.

If you are coming from McArthur Rd or 7th St of 329 West, continue on 329 West until you see the farm on the left.

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